Survey Report: What are modern candidates thinking about?

We often hear companies saying things like:

I’m getting only low quality candidates. Whatever happened to good engineers?

Candidates are not taking our tests. Nobody wants to make an effort these days. It’s sad.

Candidates disappear in between the hiring process. Why they are so unprofessional?

Out of 5 offers, only 1 person joins us. Why are people so unethical?

If you said things like above, you’re not wrong. However, are things really so bad? Would things improve if we recruiters try to understand the psyche of the modern candidates better? What if there are certain simple things we could do and bingo – we might start seeing better results?

We did a survey for this exact reason. Prebook your copy now!

Over the period of last 1 months, we surveyed our community of modern professionals on some basic questions.
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