Now schedule your interviews with Voila

Let’s set up a time to talk. Does tomorrow 11 am work?

Umm, can we talk at 5 pm instead?

Nope. Got a meeting at that time. How about 7.30 pm?

Will do. Will you be sending a meeting invite?

Sure. And BTW, what is your number?

This is scheduling mess – something we all have encountered while hiring or going through job interviews.

Given our data and own experiences of recruiting at CutShort, we know that scheduling mess is evil. It eats away your time, causes costly delays and makes people lose interest in the conversations altogether.

Intelligent scheduling by Voila — your professional assistant at CutShort

We just added a new power to Voila, your professional assistant on CutShort. If you are using CutShort to hire or for job search, you can use it right away.

Here is how it works:

Invoking Voila

To help you with meetings, Voila can now be invoked while conversing with any user on CutShort. Just go to any conversation with a candidate and start writing a message starting with @voila.

invoke voila

This will create a private thread between the employer and Voila, which will not be seen by any other user on CutShort.

Initiating a meeting

Employers can initiate meetings by simply invoking Voila from any conversation page:

@voila schedule a meeting

At present, Voila will ask employers for two most preferred times to propose a meeting to the candidate.

Voila learns from the user behavior so in future, it will suggest times that are more likely to be accepted by a given candidate. Win win.

Accepting a meeting

When a candidate accepts any of the times, Voila will confirm the meeting to the employer and send out meeting invites.

accept meeting

Congratulations – the meeting is now confirmed and can easily be added to different calendar applications.

Requesting different meeting times

It may happen that none of the proposed slots work for the candidate. In this case, they can simply inform Voila and request the employer directly for alternative times.


Once done, employers will be able to reinitiate new meeting requests and Voila will be happy to set them up. 🙂

Canceling or Rescheduling a meeting

Once a meeting is confirmed, Voila can NOT re-schedule or cancel them at this point.

If you need to do this, please reply to Voila’s meeting invite  so that our support team can help you.

Reminders and phone calls

To ensure users don’t miss meetings, Voila will send meeting reminders 30 minutes before the meetings. We strongly encourage you to enable browser notifications to ensure you never miss your meetings, which may affect your visibility on CutShort.

In a future version, Voila may also initiate a conference call automatically to make sure meetings do happen at the designated time!


This is only the first version. We have identified following areas of improvmement, please comment below or talk to us to weigh in!

Future improvements

  • Instead of asking employers for slots, Voila can automatically fetch available slots from their calendar to propose meetings. If you need this feature, which calendar you’d like to be supported first?
  • Automatically initiating conference calls to make sure meetings do happen at the right time and reward users for their puncutality.

Let us know your feedback. If you are not using CutShort yet- give it a shot here: h