Introducing Programming Tests : Enabling bright techies to get top jobs

Published • By Nikunj from Cutshort

You know the number 1 problem for a bright techie looking for an exciting job?  Well, it’s the 25 other techies who are not as bright.

Why? Those 25 people end up applying to all the premium positions, thus stressing and turning off the recruiters.

To solve this, we have introduced a new feature on CutShort. Now you can take just 1 programming test to stand out and apply for premium jobs that only accept applications from people who pass the test.

Result? You get more calls,  your interview process moves faster and you end up with more job offers.

Here are the FAQs on this feature and here is the video to see the programming test interface in action.


By Nikunj from Cutshort

Nikunj is the Cofounder & CEO at Cutshort.