Dear recruiters in emerging cities: welcome onboard!

Published • By Nikunj from CutShort

Since we rolled out CutShort 3 years ago, users from 10,000+ companies have signed up on CutShort. They have closed 4000+ positions using our unique AI powered solution that brings in-built sourcing, pre-assessments, screening tools and automation to the recruitment process.
However, we have noticed one growing gap.
While the companies in bigger cities have switched to CutShort, those in emerging cities such as Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore,  Kochi, Coimbatore, Jalandhar, etc have lagged behind. Likely reason?  Lower availability of talent pool in those cities has made it difficult to realize the value of the investment on CutShort.

Supporting the companies growing in the emerging cities

Starting from today and for a limited period, companies hiring at emerging cities will not have to pay anything to connect with the applicants. Even on our completely free plan.
Not that our Free plan also offers AI Engage, an AI enabled ATS that has in-built tools for assessments, audio recordings, interview scheduling. So, they can import your applications from other job portals and agencies and manage them with 1/3rd the effort.

Here’s to a more inclusive development!

We all know this. Smog in Delhi, traffic in Bangalore, rains in Mumbai – our metro cities are reeling under all the load.
At the same time, there are so many good companies doing great work in smaller, more sustainable cities such as Indore (adjudged the cleanest city in India for 2 years in a row).
At CutShort, we want to our bit to enable people to work in such cities. This decision is one such step (and one more our focus on remote work) and we hope it gives a boost to good companies that aspire to built a great company in such emerging cities.

By Nikunj from CutShort

Nikunj is the Cofounder & Chief Enabling Officer (CEO) at CutShort.