Foodpanda lays off 500; hire them or help those affected

This is turning out to be a rough winter for startup employees. Earlier this month, PubMatic laid off 150+ people and today we learned that FoodPanda has laid off close to 500 employees as well. As expected, this has sparked another hot debate on startup bubble, funding mismanagement, startup career risks and so on.

While this discussion is much needed, there is something more important. Close to 500 people from Foodpanda were unexpectedly let go of and now have to look for an alternative job urgently. Having seen such situations closely before, we understand this can be a difficult situation for people financially and emotionally. As we understand there are two challenges these employees face:

  • Discovering just the right companies that want to hire them

Finding all the companies and roles on offer is time consuming and inefficient. For every company you are able to find about, there are 5 that are as promising but are unknown to you.

  • Retaining privacy and avoiding unwanted calls:

You want to maximize your chances, but giving out your personal details to everyone just leads to just spam and fake recruiter calls that waste your time and makes your job search more work than it should be.

Our initiative: Help FoodPanda Employees

To help the affected employees, we at SocialHelpouts have started an initiative that is similar to the one we had started for PubMatic employees.

The idea is simple – connecting the affected employees with as many potential employers as possible. Employees just have to create their short profile while we will reach out to potential employers and showcase the profiles.

If you are an affected FoodPanda employee

You just need to create a short profile on SocialHelpouts.

If you are interested in hiring these FoodPanda employees

You will be able to view all the profiles on SocialHelpouts. There is no cost. Get started here.

Want to help?

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