5 places to find the best tech jobs in Pune

Published • By Nikunj from CutShort

Whether it’s discovering new food or exciting jobs, every city has its own favorites. For Pune techies in startup/produce firms, here are places that we’ve found useful:
1. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/job/home
The elephant in the room is LinkedIn. In Pune, it is very popular across different product companies- big (Symantec, VMWare, Persistent, GS Labs) mid (Pubmatic, AllScript) and small (Webonize Labs and Screen-Magic) alike.
Pro tip: A LinkedIn job attracts wayyy-toooo-many applicants. Don’t lose out in the crowd-  see if there is am alternate way of applying. Explore referrals or applying via other “less crowded” places such as CutShort or LinkedIn may work out better.
2. CutShort: https://cutshort.io
We are certainly biased, but this is a great place to discover 100% genuine jobs directly from hiring teams.
Pro tip:  You can show your anonymous profile. You reply to companies that express interest in you and you find interesting.
3. Angelist: http://angel.co/jobs
More than the jobs, Angelist is an excellent place to find new startups that interest you. This is the biggest “startups only” place.
Pro tip: Don’t just expect employers to contact you. Be proactive – find startups that look good and reach out to them with a tailor made message.
4. HasJob: http://hasjob.co
Good for finding jobs that startups are aggressively hiring for. Very popular in Bangalore and NCR, but many emerging startups from Pune such as Praxify, MangoReader, Vaultize list their jobs here too.
5. Social media:
PuneStartupJobs google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/punestartupjobs 
With 2000+ members, mostly seasoned startuppers, this is a group you should definitely join. The volume of jobs has gone down recently – those with less work experience might find it more useful.
Pro tip: Join the sister group PuneStartups and even FB Group Pune Techies discover new people there. Don’t refrain from reaching out with a brief note on what you bring to the table. Many startuppers are always hiring passively and would be open to listen to someone who belongs to these groups.
Have we missed something? Let us know in comments!

By Nikunj from CutShort

Nikunj is the Cofounder & Chief Enabling Officer (CEO) at CutShort.