Startup Upclose: RainingClouds Technologies

Published • By Nikunj from CutShort

About “Startup Upclose” series: With every other startup claiming to have “passionate founders/awesome culture/great traction/$$$ market size”, it is incredibly difficult to decide which should one join. Our attempt is to bring out the unique personality of each startup so that people can easily visualize what it will be like working in them. Suggestions welcome!
We are kicking off this series with one of the better known Android startups in India.
Company: RainingClouds Technologies. (Earlier: AppSurfer)
Established: 2011.  Funding Stage: Seed   Team Size: 1-10
Area: Mobile Apps, Gaming, Hardware, Home media, Streaming
Technology Stack: Golang, Java, Xcode, Swift, Android, iOS
History: Their first product was AppSurfer, an app discovery and evaluation platform. This innovative idea landed them a global recognition (Techcrunched , YourStory, NextBigWhatAgain Techcrunched  ).
What they’re working on now: Their upcoming next product is Twist,  a high-end portable USB device (think Chromecast on steroids) that lets you enjoy highly engaging mobile games on your TV using your Android phone. You can even stream you local media files to your TV (something that Chromecast can’t do easily). See the guys having fun with it here:

Culture: So now on to the really subjective part. The team is closely knit, obviously smart (how else you can think and build an innovative product like AppSurfer) and is really really down-to-earth. They work from a great cozy duplex house in Baner, Pune where a TT table greets you as soon as you enter. To summarize in one line – it’s fun to be in their company – we have always spent more time in their office than we originally planned for. 🙂 Check the team out on Twitter to see what keeps them ticking: @aniketawati @akshay_deo @itamit.
Trivia: A good first hand account of their whole journey:
Found RainingClouds interesting? If you want to join the team, Get introduced to them via your friends using SocialHelpouts: . 

By Nikunj from CutShort

Nikunj is the Cofounder & Chief Enabling Officer (CEO) at CutShort.