Introducing our new pricing

TL DR: Our  monthly prices are now more affordable for smaller companies. You can also earn credits by referring hiring friends and use them to upgrade without paying a penny. Finally, our free plan is being replaced by a new Recruiter Basic plan that can be had for a small fees or for free if you make us your preferred recruiting platform.

We just made some important changes to our pricing. Before I go into the changes, let me add some context.

CutShort has come a long way. But then, we also have just started.

When we bought cutshort domain 2 years ago, we honestly didn’t have a roadmap. All we had was a bunch of user problems and all we knew was we wanted to solve them.

Over next couple years, we kept improving our product. First came matchmaking, then Voila and then Workflow. Each of these brought us closer to our goal of simplifying recruiting for millions of users worldwide.

As we look to grow CutShort both in India and abroad, we discovered some problems in our pricing model. Some were:

  • Higher monthly pricing for users looking to hire for just 1 job
  • A complicated credit redemption policy (only 50% could be paid with CutShort credits)
  • Free plan made it hard to spot users who loves us versuse those who didn’t
  • Lack of incentive for users to refer us to their friends

So we had to revise our pricing to address some of these issues. Here are the changes we made:

Monthly prices are now 40% lower!

We really want more companies to simplify their recruiting with our fast evolving platform and thought our monthly prices were a bit high to make that happen.

So here is it. Starting today, you can buy 1 month plans for around 40% lower pricing than previous.

Good news, huh? It isn’t over. Read the next change below.

Credits can now be fully redeemed for upgrades

You can now earn credits by referring your friends or professional network to CutShort. When you refer someone who starts hiring, you get credits worth INR 500.

All these credits can now be fully used to upgrade to a paid plan. No 50% cash payment as before.

Grab your invite link and start simplifying your and your friends’ hiring.

Free plan now is “Recruiter Basic”

From day 1, we have prioritized user success over revenue. Our free plan has been used by thousands of employers to close thousands of job positions without having to pay a single Rupee to CutShort.

We would love to keep it that way.

Although the new Recruiter Basic has gained a lot of useful features over our previously free plan (it includes Machine Learning based matchmaking, screening, assessment, meeting automation, etc) you can still have it for 100% free by making us your preferred recruitment partner.

Just add a “we are hiring” or “careers” link on your website and point to your company page on CutShort. We will automatically check this link and make Recruiter Basic free for you as long as the link is there.

Summing up

Pricing a product is always tricky. Especially for a startup that chooses to “customer focused” rather than “funding focused”. After all, that’s the best way to ensure we are aligned with solving user problems over and above anything else. Isn’t it?

​We hope you like the new pricing plans. They are more affordable and also have many new features. With this change we are further committed to making your hiring more efficient by working along with you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us or chat with us on our website.